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How would you describe your style?
My shooting style is very organic. When capturing a wedding day my goal is to be a fly on a wall and photograph the most natural and genuine moments possible.

My editing style leans toward the moody side but, is still very timeless. I like to think that the way I edit enhances an image, but doesn’t change it too drastically.
If anyone has a better answer to this question, please let me know haha

Candid or posed?
Candid, ALWAYS!
Are you the only photographer or do you have someone else you work with?
I am the main photographer and I am present at every event that I photograph. But, in the event that I need a second shooter for an event, my husband is always my go to! He was trained by the best 😉 
Do you have insurance?
Both my dad and husband sell insurance, so trust me, I have more coverage than I will hopefully ever need. If you’re venue needs proof of insurance, just let me know and I can send that right over to them!
Do you do video?
Not at the moment, but I have some of the best suggestions for videographers! So please ask!!
How long do you keep my images after the wedding?
I keep your images archived technically forever, but my contract promises them for two years.
If I lose my digital files, what happens? Can you reupload?
The link to download your images is active for two months and you can download them as many times as you want. In the mean time, I highly recommend backing up your images in multiple locations after downloading. But, if for some reason you lose your image files after I take your wedding album down, a $50 flat rate is charged to re-upload them.
How do you protect my images from technical issues?
On a wedding day, the biggest thing I do to protect your images is shoot on two memory cards at once. This eliminates the chance of a card malfunction in camera causing me to lose any images.

Immediately after a wedding (literally the same night) I come home and upload all of your images to 2 separate hard drives in addition to an online backup program. I also keep all the images on the memory card until I send you the full gallery! Unless my house burns down, and the internet stops existing at the same time, I promise I got you covered!

What format do you send photos in?
Full size JPGs is what you will receive in your final gallery! I never deliver RAW photos.
Do you ever send raw photos?
I believe that editing is the final touch that makes your images magic! For this reason, I don’t send out RAW image files. Photos that you will want/need will never be left out, I promise! For example, if for any reason you feel like I’ve missed something, (when delivering over 800 photos per wedding, this does happen every once in awhile) just ask! I have no problem going back through the original image files to find a missing photo! I promise to do everything I can to make sure you don’t miss out on memories!
How many photos do we receive from our shoot/wedding?
I never guarantee an exact number of photos but, I average 100 photos per hour, give or take a few depending on the day and type of shoot!


Do you retouch your photos?
In post production, I edit every photo in lightroom with the edit and style that you see on my website. Personally I have never been one to retouch (remove blemishes, smooth skin, remove fly-away hairs, etc.) every photo that I send off. But, if something is distracting in a few images, such as trash or cars in the background of a photo, I will go in and remove that sort of thing with Photoshop.
What is your editing process?
My editing process goes a little like this. Once I come home from a shoot, I download + backup all the photos right away. Within the next day or two I cull through all of them to separate the good photos from the bad ones (bad ones meaning the blurry, over exposed photos or when someone is blinking or talking). Finally, I edit every photo in Lightroom & photoshop, save them out, and send them off!
How long will it take for me to get my photos back?
My turn around time depends on my workload at the time. For engagements, families, seniors, or any other small session, I have a two-three week turnaround time.

For weddings, I give myself two months to send off the final gallery with every photo. BUT, you will get a highlight gallery within two weeks of your big day so you don’t have to wait that long for all your wedding photos!



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