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Do you retouch your photos?
In post production, I edit every photo in lightroom with the edit and style that you see on my website. Personally I have never been one to retouch (remove blemishes, smooth skin, remove fly-away hairs, etc.) every photo that I send off. But, if something is distracting in a few images, such as trash or cars in the background of a photo, I will go in and remove that sort of thing with Photoshop.
What is your editing process?
My editing process goes a little like this. Once I come home from a shoot, I download + backup all the photos right away. Within the next day or two I cull through all of them to separate the good photos from the bad ones (bad ones meaning the blurry, over exposed photos or when someone is blinking or talking). From there, I edit every photo in Lightroom & photoshop, save them out, and send them off!
How long will it take for me to get my photos back?
My turn around time depends on my workload at the time. For engagements, families, seniors, or any other small session, I have a two-three week turnaround time.

For weddings, I give myself two months to send off the final gallery with every photo. BUT, you will get a highlight gallery within two weeks of your big day so you don’t have to wait that long for all your wedding photos!


What other things do you offer besides digital files?
The only tangible product I offer at the time are custom designed wedding albums and guest books. I was a graphic design major in college and this is my way of using my degree haha!

Coming in 2020, I will be offering save the dates, graduation announcements, and wedding invites. So stay tuned!

How should I print my photos?
I LOVE this question because the quality of prints that you order is SO important. Going to CVS or Walgreens just won’t cut it.

My favorite printers at the moment are MPix for standard prints, Canvas Champ for inexpensive canvas prints, and Artifact Uprising for more unique printing options!

How does your album design process work?
After you get all of your wedding images back, I will allow you to choose 40-50 images to include in your album. After that, I will design the album and send it to you guys to review! You have to rounds of revisions to make any changes that you want! From there, I will get it printed and sent straight to your house!
What do your wedding albums look like?
All of my albums have a hard linen cover with a foil stamp of your choice. The pages are ultra thick and are made to last for years to come. You have the option between 12 different fabric colors and 4 different stamp colors on the cover of your wedding album.

I offer albums in two different sizes (10×10 or 12×12) and they all start with a standard 20 pages (10 spreads). Additional pages can be added upon request for an additional charge. Reach out for a price breakdown of my wedding albums!



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