Mindy + Kyle | In Home Session | Fort Worth Photographer

I wasn’t planning on posting this in home session today. I had a whole other shoot lined up to post but last night I decided to change plans.

Mindy and Kyles in home couples session is such a good representation of life right now. This year has been hard for everyone. We have all spent so much time at home – more time than anyone should ever have to. But, instead of letting it get them down, Mindy and Kyle decided to celebrate this time they have at home together with an in home session. They decided to remember 2020 as a year that they got to hang out more than ever doing some of their favorite things. And personally, I think we all need to do more of that. 

As much as I probably complain about Covid and all the bad things it has done to the world, it has also made this year unlike any year we will probably ever live through again. Ive had the chance to spend months with my husband in our house. We have watched so many movies, played so many board games, and done so many puzzles its not even funny. We have had so much fun at home and I would be lying if I said I wouldn’t miss these times next year or whenever things finally go back to “normal”. 

It was a joy documenting this time for Mindy and Kyle during their in home couples session. And I know for sure that they wouldnt trade these memories for the world.

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