Kailey + Mason | Woodsy Winter Inspired Wedding | DFW Wedding Photographer

Kailey and Mason’s December wedding day was the perfect mix of glam and winter wonderland. From their sparkly string lights to their snow exit, every detail of this day was perfectly winter themed.

Mix together a sunny and cool day, winter woodsy decor, boho vibes and the worlds cutest couple and you get the December wedding of Kailey + Mason. These two reached out to me a little over a year before their wedding and I was thrilled to get to know them better! After their engagement session I knew that their day would be an absolute blast and I couldn’t wait to celebrate them! 

Some of my favorite parts of the day were Masons face as he saw Kailey for the first time, seeing them get ready surrounded by their friends and family, and of course, the dreamiest light that shined on these two love birds. This winter wedding day was filled with wonderful little details but the best part was  how Kailey and Mason focused on each other through every moment. It was truly special and I can’t wait to see where life takes them! 

Wedding rings detail photo on top of stationary
Stonebridge wedding venue in Blum Texas
Gold foil wedding stationary with wedding rings
Lace wedding dress hanging in doorway of wedding venue
Detail photo of wedding day invites and wedding rings
Wooden ring box detail photo on woodsy winter wedding day
Bride getting ready for wedding day next to window
black and white photo of groom putting on his wedding day tie
Bridesmaids wearing checkered robes while getting ready
candid photo of bridesmaids in their plaid getting ready robes
black and white of groomsmen getting ready for winter wedding day
black and white of bride putting on wedding dress
Bride reading a letter from her groom moments before wedding ceremony
letter that groom wrote to the bride
bride reading the letter her groom wrote her before wedding ceremony in DFW
Brides family praying over the couple before the wedding starts
family praying over bride and groom before their winter wedding ceremony
touching photo of bride and groom being prayed over
bride and groom being prayed over before wedding ceremony begins


Mason and I met at Texas Tech University through friends – even though we are both from Ft Worth! We immediately were interested and began dating after 2 weeks. We attended Tech together, then Mason graduated and moved back to Fort Worth while I finished my Undergrad degree. I graduated a semester later and moved back to Fort Worth. Mason and I dated for 5 years, and then got engaged at the beach on a family trip in July 2018! Had an amazing engagement experience and loved wedding planning – we have two dogs and two cats and are absolutely loving married life!

Bride and groom being prayed over before wedding ceremony starts
bride and groom being prayed over before their DFW wedding ceremony
bride and groom sharing first touch before ceremony
bride and groom standing back to back before wedding ceremony starts
winter wedding first touch
groomsmen standing in front of wedding venue
groomsmen drinking beer and toasting before ceremony
groomsmen drinking beer and celebrating before wedding ceremony starts
bridesmaids wearing mix matched dresses and taking portraits before ceremony
natural photo of adorable bridal party
bridesmaids laughing and spending time together before the wedding ceremony starts
bridesmaids holding florals in front of their faces for a wedding portrait
bridesmaids cheering as bride and groom kiss in natural area after wedding ceremony
bridal party walking and being playful before the wedding ceremony


// Kailey’s Answer

I fell in love with Mason and knew I wanted to marry him when I realized that he wouldn’t ever give up on us. He is always the even-tempered, calm spirit in our relationship and has always reassured me that this was right and that we would do whatever it takes to make it work.

// Mason’s Answer

Kailey’s heart made me fall in love with her. She is always looking to help other people and truly is the most selfless person I know. She has always made me feel comfortable and ever since I met her she has always felt like home. Kailey has seen me at my best and she has seen me at my worst, but she has loved me through it all. She is my anchor and I am blessed to be able to call her my wife. I knew I wanted to marry her the moment she opened her heart to me and trusted me. I knew that this was a girl I could see myself with forever. She also aint bad to look at. 😉

groom crying as he sees his bride walk down the aisle
brides father walking her down the outdoor aisle
bride being walked down the aisle of wedding ceremony
brides father giving her away at their outdoor wedding ceremony in Texas
golden photo of bride handing her bouquet to her maid of honor
bride and groom holding hands at the altar during ceremony
bride and groom holding hands in front of large tree during wedding ceremony
bride and groom standing at the altar during their wedding ceremony
wide angle photo of golden wedding ceremony
black and white of bride and groom praying during their ceremony
bride and groom hammering wine into a box during wedding ceremony
bride and groom doing a tradition during their wedding ceremony
bride and groom holding hands after exchanging rings at ceremony
bride and groom standing at altar during the wedding ceremony
bride and groom kissing at the altar during wedding ceremony
bride and groom holding hands and praying
bride and groom walking out of wedding ceremony
bride and groom sharing first kiss


// Kailey’s Answer

I love his ability to make me feel safe, supported, and like I have a best friend and husband all in one. He is so open to learning about marriage and how to make this life full of love and always make each other feel special. It has been so cool to get to this point. We definitely haven’t always had this relationship but over the engagement and winter wedding process we’ve learned a lot and its been SO fun! He always calms my nerves and anxieties when I overthink or get stressed too 🙂

// Mason’s Answer

My favorite things about my wife are that she always keeps me smiling, she knows how to calm me down when things get tough, and she is my best friend. Kailey helps me see the big picture in life and pushes me everyday. I always told myself that I want someone in my life that would push me daily and Kailey always has. She is also a great cook which is a plus.

married couples family cheering as bride and groom kiss at their wedding day
golden photo of bride and groom kissing after their wedding ceremony
bride and groom cuddling after wedding ceremony
winter wedding day bride and groom portraits at golden hour
Portrait of groom on wedding day
portrait of bride wearing blue leather jacket on wedding day
bride and groom kissing after winter wedding ceremony
light leak photo of bride and groom snuggling after wedding
groom kissing bride on forehead after wedding ceremony
black and white photo of bride and groom kissing at golden hour on outdoor wedding day
golden hour light leak photo of bride and groom after winter wedding ceremony
bride and groom showing off their wedding rings after their wedding ceremony
groom guiding bride through the grass on wedding day in north texas in winter
bride looking back at the camera on wedding day
groom hugging bride as she is wearing a blue custom leather jacket
groom dipping and kissing bride for wedding portrait
groom kissing girl on the cheek after wedding ceremony at golden hour in winter
bride standing on bridge and looking over her shoulder
bride and groom snuggling on a bride after their winter wedding
bride showing off her long wedding veil
black and white of bride wearing lace wedding veil on winter wedding day
sparkle Christmas lights on tree during bride and groom wedding day


// Kailey’s Answer

SO nervous. I felt sick the entire morning of our winter wedding just from nerves, and it felt so surreal. But Mason texted me that morning and it made me so excited and emotional. I was surrounded by the best family and friends and it was just so fun once the day got started.

// Mason’s Answer

I was nervous the entire night before into the morning. But i knew that I was about to marry the girl of my dreams so that made me beyond excited. As soon as I saw Kailey the nerves went away. (probably because I could tell that she was more nervous than me) but also because the excitement took over.

groom dipping vine during first dance
bride smiling during her first dance at wedding reception outdoor in winter
bride and groom cutting wedding cake
bride and groom feeding each other wedding cake
bride and groom shoving cake in each others faces during reception
married couple with cake all over their faces
bride and groom listening to wedding speeches
bride and groom toasting on their wedding day
bride dancing with her father
groom dancing with his mother on winter wedding day
brides dad dancing with her during wedding reception
bride and groom kissing in front of wedding guests
bride drinking and dancing on wedding day
Groom dancing with groomsmen on wedding day
brides mom dancing with dad on winter wedding day
maid of honor dancing with dad on sisters winter wedding day
bride and groom kissing while guests cheer in black and white wedding photo
bride dancing with family on wedding day
black and white of bride dancing on wedding day


// Kailey’s Answer

My favorite part of the wedding day was getting to spend all morning with everyone I love and just having the anticipation building. When me and Mason had our first touch with our parents praying over our marriage – that was pretty special. Also, after the ceremony – Mason and I took a minute alone in the bridal cottage just to absorb everything that happened and that was so special. (That didn’t really answer your question – the whole day was a favorite moment:))

// Mason’s Answer

My favorite part of our winter inspired wedding day had to be the moment that Kailey and me got to spend right after the ceremony in the grooms cottage. Everything was moving 100 mph and that moment slowed everything down and everything was calm. I will never forget the excitement that we were both feeling at that moment. I remember looking at Kailey and saying “we are finally married.” That 3 minutes that we got to spend together will always be my favorite part of the day. There were countless things that made that day awesome but that is what sticks out in my head when this question is asked.

bride and groom doing snow exit on winter wedding day
fun bride and groom running through guests during snow exit
Bride and groom having fun leaving reception


Kailey and Mason were absolute DREAM clients. It’s not often that two people are brave enough to have their wedding ceremony outside in the winter. But DANG, I’m so glad they chose to do that! I loved getting to capture their day and get to know this sweet couple in the process. I pray that their marriage is just as perfect as their wintery wedding was!

Hair + Makeup – Pretty on Premises

Planning – Funkytown Affairs

Photography – Marissa Merrill Photography

Venue – Stonebridge Venue

Decor and Flowers – Sweet Peach Floral Design

Food – Luckybee Kitchen