This Same Sex Couple Couldn’t Have Taken Cuter Engagement Photos

Sarah and Layne were so much fun to photograph.

I shot their same sex engagement photos in downtown Frisco, Texas, and our naive selves had no idea that a veterans day parade was happening at the same time. So for mood music we got to listen to the national anthem played about 20 times during their shoot, and we laughed the entire time about it.

If you’re a same sex couple in the market for engagement photos in the DFW area, lets connect! I’m obsessed with telling love stories as beautiful as Sarah and Laynes. Lets get together so I can tell your’s as well!

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Funny story about Sarah. When she first reached out to me on instagram about their engagement session, I thought her name was Olivia. It wasn’t until I texted her a few days later that she introduced herself as Sarah. She is a school teacher and doesn’t want her students to have access to her instagram, so she uses a fake name. How funny is that?! Haha! We were able to laugh about the fake name, and move on to planning their fun little engagement session.

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Sarah was set on doing a morning session in November, and despite my warnings about freezing cold weather, she stuck to her guns. These ladies were troupers. It was 30 degrees outside the morning of their engagement session, and they came out with smiles on their faces.

I was able to wear at least 7 jackets and keep slightly warm, and I was more than happy to be all bundled up for these two. Thankfully, the cold weather made it really easy for them to get really snuggly which made my job extra easy.

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Sarah and Layne got engaged awhile back, but have just now started to get together all the marriage arrangements. They have been together for over 3 years, and are so dang happy together. They couldn’t stop making inside jokes and giggling throughout the whole engagement session.

I absolutely love seeing two people so dang in love with each other, and so open to showing that love to the world. Reserved lovasss are not the clients for me.

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romantic engagement couple in north Texas
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Sarah and Layne took the dreamiest same sex couple engagement photos, and i’m so glad I got to play a little role in their love story. I’m so excited to see where life takes these two dream boats!

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The cutest same sex engagement session in Fort Worth
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