Surprise Proposal At the Kimball Art Museum in Fort Worth

This surprise proposal was probably the cutest thing I probably have ever seen and it was such a blast to photograph.

These two cuties are friends of mine from college. Ben and I met each other through a young adults church group, and I knew Justine because she was in the same graphic design program as me! I was so lucky to be a part of their surprise proposal and capture their love for each other. 

About a month out from the proposal, Ben asked if I would be able to be their photographer. I was over the moon excited because proposals are probably my favorite thing to photograph. There’s something so fun about being a part of a surprise and capturing such genuine reactions between two people.

Kimbell Art Museum in Fort Worth Texas
Boy and girl walking at the Kimball art museum in Fort Worth
boy about to propose to girl with a skyline view

Being engaged myself, I know exactly how easy it is to black out when you see your boyfriend down on one knee. Without photos and videos I would easily have forgotten everything about the day John and I got engaged. Being able to provide those memories to another couple is such a joy.

Ben wanted to propose to Justine somewhere with a view of the Fort Worth skyline. We both kept our eyes open for the perfect place, and about two weeks before the big day he texted me to tell me that he found a spot. We finally decided to have the proposal take place in front of the Kimbell art museum in Fort Worth.

This museum is on top of a tall hill in the middle of Fort Worth. From the museum you are able to see the Fort Worth skyline in the distance. It was such a beautiful place and made for the most perfect backdrop for the proposal.

Beautiful skyline proposal in Fort Worth texas
engagement photographer photographing a proposal in Fort Worth
boy and girl kissing on a sunny day in fort worth
Couple hugging immediately after getting engaged in Fort Worth


Ben tricked Justine into thinking that they were going to dinner to celebrate their two year anniversary. Little did Justine know that her parents were in town waiting to surprise her after Ben popped the question. He wrote Justine a long love letter, and gave it to her when he picked her up for their “date night”. While she was reading, he drove to the spot where he was going to propose.

By this time Justine knew exactly what was going on, and she was already shaky the second they got there. He walked her over to the spot and didn’t waste any time getting down on one knee.

boy putting engagement ring on his new fiancé
couple admiring their engagement ring
couples family surprises them after proposal
mother daughter photo at surprise proposal
showing off engagement ring in Fort Worth
family admiring big engagement ring in Fort Worth
hugging family after getting engaged
showing off engagement ring right after proposal
showing off engagement ring in Fort Worth
girl kissing boy on cheek for engagement photos
boy and girl excited about recent proposal
newly engaged couple kissing with a skyline view

After Justine said yes, we all joked about how Ben wasn’t even on one knee for one second before he jumped up to hug her. It was funny at the time, but looking back it showed just how in love these two were. He couldn’t wait another second to be engaged to his future wife.

I loved being able to capture the surprise proposal of these two lovebirds in Fort Worth, and I can’t wait to see how beautiful their wedding day is going to be. Congrats you two!!!