We Felt On Top of the World During This Adorable Rooftop Couples Session

This adorable rooftop couples session started with a view of downtown Fort Worth and ended on top of the city. What more could I even ask for?!

I met Dan and Sarah through a mutual friend about two years ago. They are the most fun, God loving, chill couple you will ever meet and I loved every second of their urban couples shoot. I hadn’t seen them in a super long time just because we were in the midst of such hectic seasons of life. So when Dan reached out about doing a couples session on a rooftop in downtown Fort Worth, I was all over the idea.


These two love the city. Like I mean really love the city. Dan is one of those people that you would probably find dangling his feet off the top of a skyscraper in New York. It was so fun being able to show their personality with this shoot.

Dan sent me a few photos of my instagram to give me an idea of the kind of location he wanted photos at. And of course, they were both with the Fort Worth skyline, so I knew exactly where to take them.

I started their session at the Kimbell Art Museum in Fort worth. From the courtyard in front of this museum you can see the entire Fort Worth skyline and it’s so beautiful. After taking a few headshots of Dan, we convinced Sarah to get in front of the camera and things got so fun.

My biggest advice to Dan and Sarah was to continuously move throughout the whole shoot, and boy oh boy they did not disappoint. I hardly had to give them any direction, they were doing everything right. Sarah would shake her hair around and Dan would spin her around. They would walk around and laugh and snuggle up and hold hands. It was just so fun!


After the museum, we went over to the top of a parking garage in the heart of Fort Worth. I love shooting here because of all the buildings in the background. This spot also somehow has the most amazing light. No matter what time of day i shoot here, the light never seems too harsh. I think it’s because some of the tall buildings serve as a reflector to light up the couples faces. It’s so perfect! These two snuggled up, and were so cute for the camera. I loved every minute of it.

Dan and Sarah were so playful, we were able to laugh, catch up, run around, and just have a blast. This urban styled couples shoot was perfect for these two. Shoots like these make me fall even more in love with my job. It was such a lighthearted day, and I wish I could do it all over again.