Adorable Baby Announcement Photos in Fort Worth Texas

This was my first time taking baby announcement photos, and it honestly might be my new favorite thing.

Amber and Carl made taking their baby announcement photos so fun. These two were so clearly in love and over the moon excited about growing their family. During their session we talked about all things baby. We talked about baby names and if they wanted a boy or a girl. We also talked about little baby clothes and how cute they are. Amber taught me what to look for in a sonogram (because honestly they just looked like black blobs to me before having the actual baby pointed out). I had so much fun getting to know this sweet little family, and I hope you enjoy the magic we made with my camera!


We took Amber and Carl’s baby announcement photos at Tandy Hills Natural Area in Fort Worth. They loved the view and all the greenery. I always say that this location is the closest we can get to mountains in Fort Worth, and these two definitely agreed! I don’t know what it is, but this location makes for the BEST backlit photos. This session ended up being so warm and inviting both to shoot and edit, and it was so much fun.

adorable photo of married couple with sonogram

This sweet little family of (almost) three has so much to look forward to, and I just can’t wait to see where life takes them! Thanks again for letting me capture this special season of life for y’all!!!

I’m obsessed with photographing all seasons of life, and announcing a pregnancy is definitely a big one! Finding out you’re pregnant is so exciting and it gives a family so much to look forward to. I LOVE capturing that excitement with my camera! I am hoping to shoot more baby announcement photos in the future. So if you or someone you know just found out that they’re growin’ a little human in their belly, reach out here!!