A Perfect Outdoor Wedding in Texas – Minus the Heat

Thinking back on Tristyn and Jeffs beautiful Texas, outdoor wedding, my heart is just so happy.

These two have a love for eachother that I have never before seen. It was the kind of love that radiated anytime both of them were in the room together. I got the opportunity to talk to them both separately on the morning of their outdoor wedding in Texas. In those few minutes of conversation I could clearly see how well they loved and knew each other.

When I saw Jeff for the first time, immediately started asking me about Tristyn was. He started telling me about all the details she was worrying about in the weeks prior, just trying to make sure she wasn’t worrying about anything that day. The sweetest part was that she never even brought up any of those things. She was simply excited to spend the rest of her life with jeff and nothing else mattered. It was so inspiring and sweet and ugh. I just love these two!

Rather than speak on their behalf in this blog post, I decided to send them a few questions to answer themselves. I thought this was the best way for you guys to see first hand how much love these two babes share. Scroll down to read more about this dreamy outdoor wedding in Texas.

Bride getting her hair done before her wedding day


We met in Thailand, August 19, 2016! I (Tristyn) was teaching English there and so was his sister (he likes to call her a 3rd party matchmaker) and we became friends. She called me one day saying, “Hey, my brother is coming to visit and we’re going to Koh Chang, do you want to join us?” She had told me that she was inviting a lot of people, but I was the only one that joined! Jeff and I immediately hit it off and we later learned she was secretly hoping that we would! We talked on the phone every day for 8 months after that weekend. I came back in April 2017 and we were official that May. He was living in Kansas City at the time and since I was unemployed, I moved up there in October. All the in-between stuff was amazing for us but boring for you, so fast forward to when we moved back to Texas in August. We were celebrating 2 years since meeting each other by kayaking at a local lake (we kayaked in Thailand) and he asked me to go on adventures with him forever while we were on the water! It was perfect.


// Tristyn’s Answer
I’m not sure there was a moment, but I knew this one was different from the day we met. He’s hilarious, responsible, helpful, intelligent but most importantly, from that first day, I’ve never been more comfortable or more myself around anyone else in the entire world.

// Jeff’s Answer
Her fearless ability to follow her heart no matter where it has led her and where it will lead her in the future. Plainly, she is the most pure and genuine person I know. While suffering numerous setbacks personally and professionally, she stuck by me and supported me throughout; at that point, I knew I wanted to marry her.


// Tristyn’s Answer
How much space do I have? My favorite is probably that he makes me laugh, in so many different ways no matter the mood I’m in. He makes cute noises, voices, faces, all while delivering a killer punch line. He’s my best friend and we laugh together every day! I’ve also never met a better son, brother or grandson – he loves his family and would do anything for them. Lastly, I love his love for me. He’s not an ooey-gooey type like I am, but he shows in his own way affection and love for me, and it’s one of my favorite things – knowing his love and learning how he expresses it.

// Jeff’s Answer
The short list: beautiful, athletic, conscientious, genuine curiosity, thrifty, compassionate, and big-hearted

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// Tristyn’s Answer
So at peace!!! Everyone even said they’ve never seen a more calm bride. That morning, I didn’t fuss about the food, schedule, songs or decor and was just so excited for the day. I had almost all the women in my family around me getting ready, which definitely put me at ease. But I think more than anything, I knew, and have known, that being with Jeff is what God has always intended. So that morning, I was just so excited to start our forever that I didn’t feel any nerves, but just a peaceful giddiness that’s probably been the best feeling I’ve ever had.

// Jeff’s Answer
Ready to party and celebrate with all the most important people in our lives after months of careful and meticulous planning. All the stress was gone and I felt an overwhelming sense of thankfulness knowing just how many people were coming to share in our big day.


// Tristyn’s Answer
We’ve said from the beginning that we wanted our wedding and reception to be a huge thank you to our family and friends. We wanted a chance to do something special, obviously to celebrate our marriage, but also to show our appreciation for the ones who’ve raised us and supported us our entire life. So I think my favorite part was having all those wonderful people from all over the country be there to witness the promise we were making to each other and to celebrate in union together! Although, walking down the aisle and seeing my handsome husband was amazing too!

// Jeff’s Answer
Had to be the point when I arrived at the front next to the officiant and saw all the faces of our guests, in some cases for the first time in many years, and how happy and excited they looked. Our outdoor wedding was important to the two of us, but just as important was the large amount of support we received in Texas.


Tristyn and Jeff were dream clients and they had a dream outdoor wedding in Texas. It’s not often that two people are brave enough to have both their wedding ceremony and reception outside in Texas. But DANG, I’m so glad they were. I loved getting to capture their day and get to know this sweet couple in the process. I pray that their marriage is just as perfect as their wedding was.

Hair – @jessicajfay

Makeup – @karidoesmakeup

Veil – A&Be bridal, Dallas

Dress Designer – @taralatour

Photography – Marissa Merrill Photography

Venue – 809 at Vickery, @809atVickery

Decor and Flowers – @goensouth

Food – Abuelos

Donuts – @funkytowndonuts

Grooms Cake – Kim Russell