Dreamy Downtown Fort Worth Wedding

This downtown Fort Worth wedding was such a dreamy day to photograph.

Jessica and Jason are SO in love with each other. Clearly… I mean just look at their perfect downtown Fort Worth wedding day! It’s hard to deny the love and emotion between these two. They shared the most amazing love story, and i was honored to play a small part in it as their wedding photographer. It was pretty dang incredible how these two fell into each other’s arms, so let me tell you about it.

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Jason is a pastor, originally from Fort Worth, Texas BUT he is currently working in Indonesia with a church. Jessica is from indonesia which obviously (because fate is a crazy thing) is where the two met. They had a ceremony in Indonesia for all of jessica’s family and friends to attend.  A few months later they came to downtown Fort Worth, Texas to do the whole wedding thing over again. Just so they could celebrate with Jason’s family and friends!! And they somehow found me from the other side of the world and asked me to document a part of their love story as their wedding photographer.

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Aside from the insane love that the two shared, and the fact that fate obviously brought them together, their was so much that made their wedding day in downtown Fort Worth, extra special. Every wedding i take photos of has something special and unique to the couple and their families. But there were a few things that were extra special on this wedding day.

First of all, this wedding was planned from Indonesia (where they both live). Yes, Jessica and Jason contacted wedding vendors, organized with family, booked their wedding and reception venues, and everything else from a different time zone. I’m just as impressed as you are… This was done because Jason is originally from Fort Worth, Texas. This sweet couple graciously planned the one of the biggest days of their lives in a city on the other side of the planet just so that his family could come celebrate with them. HOW SPECIAL IS THAT?!

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If that alone isn’t enough to make your jaw drop, you should have seen the way that their families merged together perfectly. It was the most beautiful thing to be able to capture.  Two different groups of people from opposite sides of the world celebrating two people that they love so much.

Being Jason and Jessica’s wedding photographer reminded me what it means to put love into action. Sometimes putting love to action means bringing the biggest day of your life – your wedding day – to the place your grew up simply so your whole family can attend. Other times it means flying half way around the world (and I’m sure suffering insane jet lag) to celebrate your people.

lena pope chapel Fort Worth photographer
lena pope chapel Fort Worth wedding photographer
lena pope chapel Fort Worth wedding photographer

After the beautiful wedding pictures and pretty images are taken and the dance party is over, this is the kind of love that is going to be there holding us all together. I am forever grateful for clients like Jessica and Jason and for unique wedding days like theirs that remind me what love is all about. Congrats to these two, I can’t wait to see where life takes them!

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lena pope chapel Fort Worth wedding
lena pope chapel Fort Worth wedding
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The wedding ceremony was held in Lena Pope Chapel, and let me just tell you, that place is AMAZING. The building is basically all windows. There were beautiful skylights, tall windows, and awesome structural lines. It was all natural lit, but it was inside and air conditioned. So perfect for a hot texas summer. This venue really brought the artsy photographer out of me, and i loved every minute of it. I left this venue giddy and excited to edit their photos, and obviously it did NOT disappoint!!!

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For Jessica and Jason’s wedding portraits, we were able to take our time and run all around Fort Worth. This isn’t a luxury that wedding photographers always get. It was awesome to be able to take our time capturing the timeless photos that every person wants of them on their wedding day! We started their portraits in sundance square for their downtown Fort Worth wedding. Their reception was at the Renaissance Hotel in Downtown fort worth, so we just walked from there and hit up all the best picture spots! My favorite was probably a little courtyard that we found right across the street. Something I love about Fort Worth is that it has all of these little hidden gems, and we were lucky enough to find this quaint little spot on their wedding day. If you have followed my work for awhile, you know that i’m more of a moody photographer, so this location gave me all the feels. It was perfect.

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sundance square Fort Worth photographer wedding
sundance square Fort Worth photographer wedding
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Another awesome location we went to for their portraits might be one of my new favorites in Fort Worth! It was on top of a parking garage downtown. We were able to see the whole city, and capture some pretty amazing photos. The designer in me had a blast styling this part of the shoot because everything was just right. It looked like the photos were straight out of a magazine. I loved it!

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dreamy rooftop wedding photographer Fort Worth

The last place we went for the portraits was the Fort Worth botanical gardens. I loved out green the grass was, and how beautiful it made them stand out in their traditional black and white wedding attire. It also was a completely opposite style from the first two locations we visited, so I loved being able to give them a wide variety in their photos!

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Fort Worth botanical gardens wedding photography
Fort Worth botanical gardens wedding photography

Their reception was held at the renaissance in Fort Worth in one of the ballrooms. It was a very small reception which made it so intimate and special. I love all the images that I was able to capture at their reception, but to save you all hours of scrolling i’ve only shared a few.

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cute kid dancing wedding reception
cute kid dancing wedding reception dfw

To cap off the night, Jessica and Jason had the coolest uncle that owned a road boat. Yes, a boat that drives on the highway. They drove this awesome thing to a bar down the street and partied the rest of the night away.

cute kid dancing wedding reception dfw
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I am so dang lucky that I have clients like Jessica + Jason that are so much fun and make me feel like part of the party. I wish i could celebrate them everyday. Congrats to these two newlyweds! I hope life takes you to places as amazing as your downtown Fort Worth wedding!