Playfully Romantic Engagement Session in Fort Worth, TX

Hannah and Kris were and are absolute dream photography clients. They are the kind of people that you just can’t help but smile at.

Hannah reached out to me about 2 months prior to their romantic engagement session to ask me to shoot their wedding. Soon after the initial wedding inquiry we hopped on a phone call and we both just knew it was a match made in photography heaven.

We bonded over funny stories of our dogs, talked their wedding day and her wedding dress, and so many other fun things. We hit it off right away and were so excited to meet each other in person. Before their engagement session Hannah and I kept in touch, we chatted about outfits and locations for their shoot and decided to go to the trinity river and magnolia street in Fort Worth.

boy hugging girl from behind during engagement session
girl and boy dancing next to the trinity river in Fort Worth
girl and boy playing around during engagement photos in Fort Worth

The first location we shot at was at the Trinity River in Fort Worth, Texas. The sun was just starting to set, so we got all the pretty golden hour photos. Hannah wore a beautiful floral black romper with a flowy high low skirt. Kris wore a neutral button down with jeans.

girl kissing a boy under a blue sky in Fort Worth
girl walking with fiancé and looking back at camera
gurk and boy kissing on a sunny day in Fort Worth
girl and boy dancing around during engagement photos in Fort Worth
romantic Fort Worth engagement photographer

Once these two stepped in front of the camera, they were naturals. You would have thought that they had been photographed hundreds of times before! I hardly had to direct them at all. They laughed and smiled and looked at eachother with all the googly eyes. I got so many awesome candid couples photos of them that i could hardly decide which ones to post!

engaged couple walking and holding hands
engaged couple walking in field holding hands
drunk walk engagement pose Fort Worth

My favorite thing about a romantic engagement session is letting my couples feel all the love and do their thing. I’m not the wedding photographer that is going to put you in the stiff poses, and have you smile at the camera.

I’m going to tell you to get goofy. Jump around, make out, get close, stare at each other for extended periods of time, and just have a blast. When I was shooting photos of Hannah and Kris, they let me be my goofiest self, and they quickly joined in on the party.

girl hugging boy during engagement photos in Fort Worth
engaged couple kissing on bridge
engaged couple kissing on Fort Worth bridge
couple laughing on bridge over trinity river

We walked over to this pretty bridge and took a few pictures over the Trinity River. I love how natural and in love Kris and Hannah looked in every photo that I took over here. They couldn’t stop staring at each other and it made for some awesome engagement pictures.

engaged couple cuddling on bridge over trinity river
girl and boy about to kiss in Fort Worth
engaged couple looking into each others eyes

After the sun started to set behind all of the trees at the trinity river, we hopped in the car and drove over to Magnolia street in Fort Worth. During this romantic engagement session we wanted all the golden hour photos. Magnolia street is full of so many yummy restaurants and cute little shops. That made it the perfect place to take urban engagement photos. I love that I got to give Hannah and Kris two completely different locations for their engagement session.

engaged couple holding hands on bench
couple cuddling on magnolia street in Fort Worth
engaged couple about to kiss in Fort Worth

Before I end the story of this romantic engagement session, I wanted to share with you a little blurb of how Hannah and Kris met. These are her words, and thankfully she was sweet enough to let me share! Enjoy!

boy making girl laugh in an intimate way
girl sitting on boys lap in flower field
boy kissing girls neck from behind in Fort Worth
girl hugging her fiancé from behind
engaged couple pinky promise in Fort Worth

“Rewind to 5 years ago when I began teaching and met the sweetest little family at meet the teacher night. April and I instantly clicked and walked through a year of “firsts” together. I have now taught both of April’s children and we have stayed friends along the way. So here is my side of the how Kris and I met…


After a series of questions, April asked if I would be interested in meeting someone or dating (of course, I knew she was up to something). In my super skeptical mind, I told her “I guess but not just anybody”. That led to her telling me all about this super cute guy she plays soccer with.

Well, I told her I guess I could meet him but every time Sunday came around to go to a soccer game then I would make myself busy. After weeks of asking and just telling me to just come and lay eyes on him, I finally agreed. So I went to the soccer game (no make up and sweats…I was not very into this idea) and the rest is history. After meeting, Kris got my number and we have not stopped talking since. Here we are, two years later and I am so thankful I took the chance because it was worth going that day…”