Reagan + Dalton | Engagement Session Locations | Dallas Wedding Photographer

Reagan + Dalton. Where do I even start with these two?! I mean, just look at em. Their engagement session at Lakeside Park in Dallas, Texas was SO. MUCH. FUN.

These two couldn’t keep their hands off each other. From the second we got there they were so playful flirty and AHH. It just made my job so so easy! Rather than rave about their adorable Dallas engagement session, I thought I would take this blog post in a different direction and talk about shoot locations. For Reagan and Dalton, this location was picked because it was pretty. They had a friend that did their wedding photography there and they loved how they turned out so they wanted to mimic the location and it was AWESOME. We had a blast, the lighting was perfect, they were cute. It was all perfect!

The reason I started there is because my advice on engagement session locations is that it doesn’t matter.

I know some photographers want the couple to pick somewhere special to them, or somewhere that has significant meaning, and I think that’s AWESOME. I’m all for doing anything we can to make your session more YOU, so if there is somewhere special to you guys, let’s do it! But not everyone has that! And that’s OKAY. Me and John didn’t have a sentimental coffee shop or a special park we went to every weekend for our engagement session location. We literally just met our photographer in a field and took some pictures, and I loved it!

When I say your engagement session location doesn’t matter, I mean that your location doesn’t dictate your session. Engagement shoots are meant to capture your love. And I know darn well that you don’t love your babe any more or less depending on where you are. So who cares?! We could go to a dumpster behind Walmart and I promise I would capture your love all the same. And it will be BEAUTIFUL.

Cute couple snuggling in natural area
Boy and girl sitting in grass wearing blue during engagement sessions
Engaged couple sitting in grass in a beautiful location for their engagement photos
Couple standing back to back in a natural area in Dallas Texas for engagement photos
Couple giving Eskimo kisses during engagement photo session in a beautiful location
Boy licking fiancees nose being flirty during photo session
Cute couple laughing during their forest engagement session in north texas
Black and white photo of beautiful couple being flirty
Couple sitting on stairs being adorable and flirty
Boy kissing girlfriends forehead and being cute for engagement photos
Boy hugging girl from behind and being romantic for engagement session
Couple facing each other and being romantic on a rustic bridge in texas
Boy standing in-between girls legs while she sits on the side of a bridge
Girl getting pushed up against wall while boy romantically kisses her
Couple in beautiful location taking engagement photos
Couple kissing on the side of the bridge
Black and white detail photo of engaged couple being romantic during photography session
Couple looking at each other at a beautiful engagement session location
Engaged couple being romantic at a beautiful shoot location
Boy holding girl and walking toward water during a beautiful engagement session location
Engagement session location was beautiful as couple was talking
Couple sitting on a bench during engagement session in Fort Worth
Couple holding hands during their engagement session in a beautiful location
couple flirting and walking together next to a beautiful lake
Couple being romantic and walking beside a beautiful lake location
beautiful couple black and white photo during engagement session walking next to a lake
Couple sitting in a bench and bring romantic at a beautiful park in Dallas
Couple sitting in the grass flirting and cuddling at a beautiful location
Boy holding fiancé while sitting in the grass in Dallas texas
Cute couple laughing while sitting and cuddling on the grass
Couple kissing while sitting next to each other on the ground of a park
Close up photo of adorable couple cuddling on the grass in a park
Couple sitting in the grass and being romantic during engagement session at a beautiful location
Black and white photo of couple being romantic in the grass during engagement session
Couple sitting in green grass in front of a beautiful lake location
Couple standing on long bridge for beautiful engagement photos
Cute couple holding hands and swing dancing outside in a beautiful location
Cute couple being romantic and about to kiss on a bridge in Fort Worth
Girl leaning up against wall being romantic with fiancé
Couple facing eachtoher and laughing really close
Couple kissing on the side of a bridge in Dallas texas
Couple holding hands and looking at each other on a bridge
Black and white photo of couple being romantic for an engagement session in beautiful location
Cuddly engaged couple in Fort Worth texas being romantic
Boy hugging girl from behind for moody engagement photo location
Couple leaning against light pole making out and being romantic for engagement photos
Boy kissing girls neck during engagement photography session in Dallas texas
Cuddly couple on a bridge over a lake in highland park Dallas
Adorable couple being romantic and seductive in a park in Dallas
Close up photo of couple being cuddly in Dallas texas during engagement session
Boy holding girl and spinning around in a beautiful park location for engagement photos
Black and white photo of romantic couple spinning around and being romantic
Boy holding girl and being romantic in a park during engagement photos
Boy holding fiancé and spinning around in Dallas texas
Girl laughing while her fiancé spins her around in Dallas texas during engagement photos
Goofy couple being playful during engagement session in beautiful location


With Reagan and Dalton, they picked Lakeside Park in Dallas because they thought it was pretty. Not because it was special to them for some reason or another. They simply liked how it looked. And personally, i think thats enough! Clearly, the photos turned out amazing and you can see how much they love each other, so what else matters! 

All that to say, don’t put pressure on picking a location for your engagement session. If you have a special spot, I think that’s awesome, but definitely not required. If you don’t have a special spot in mind, I have suggestions! But I promise, either way, it will be perfect!